Gentle Touch

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    Gentle touch

    I want to show you
    That theres more in your life
    Than your Past

    I want to be close
    So that someone sees you
    And you can feel love

    You get the prettiest words
    And theyre true
    Even if you prefered
    Lies before

    And i long for that day
    When you smile no more
    As if you wanted to get something

    And Darling Darling
    Im waiting for the day
    When all your wantings
    are vanishing

    And darling darling
    Im waiting for that day
    When im holding your hand
    Because you just wanted to show me Love

    Strophe 2:
    And we all know these days
    We all know the fun
    But no one sees through
    Its but about satisfaction

    And you dont know you dont know whats its like
    To not love for all the lies
    To love because you know her
    And to give her this love only satisfies

    And Darling Darling
    Didnt i warned you this would happen
    Didnt i told you the stories from before

    You listened and showed some feelings
    But people
    are most stupid
    When the light shines in their face

    And though i broke down
    I managed this way to you
    But you only see what no one did to you
    And never what you and all the others did to me

    But i still believe in love
    I still believe this can be
    Someones there who can accept love
    And a hand in mine will be

    Darling Darling
    You wanted
    but it was me that pushed me far
    Cause i didnt want to believe you're a true liar

    And Darling Darling
    I heared your calling
    But now i see it wasnt for me
    But for the pain you want to see rising

    Strophe 3:

    And even if the longing
    For a gentle touch is breaking me down
    I'll look at the past
    This past of gore
    With a smile and a frown

    I'll walk this way
    Maybe not alone but lonely

    It's never luck for what i pray
    But that i can show someone the love that i see

    Darling Darling
    It took one look
    It was my ceiling
    But im hanging from your hook

    But darling darling
    Love needs no pride
    You and all the others did deceide

    I guess this had to be
    You wanted to own
    what only can love you free...

    And Darling Darling
    What is a Sin?
    To do something wrong?
    Or to kill what you believed in?

    I'll go on
    To find whats to be seen
    You'll do that thing
    And be what you've been...

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